Nou Kontan Wè Zot

Solo show – Lucas Erin 

 23.02.24 – 23.03.24


Opening 23.02.24 – 6pm

Nou Kontan Wè Zot integrates a reflection on resourcefulness and ‘making do’ in relation to wider ecological and political questions in order to challenge the public on their positions and attitudes in their own specific contexts. The exhibition centres around the carnivalesque figure of the hummingbird which, for the artist, represents wandering and fatigue and is deeply linked to the question of work in a society marked by its colonial past. Responding to the theme of Making Kin, Making Place, Lucas Erin takes inspiration from the Creole veranda and welcomes us into a landscape composed of a series of sculptures and a sound piece. Central to family and social life, it is a space of welcome, a bridge between interior and exterior, a place to receive guests without formality, a place to watch over the world. The artist invites us to settle in, to have a chat, to rest and observe.

Lucas Erin (*1990) is a Franco-Caribbean artist whose practice is rooted in a multicultural reflection that explores human interrelations, encounters and resistance to social normalisation. Inspired by the ideas of Patrick Chamoiseau and Edouard Glissant, his sentimenthèque project explores the cultural heritage of the Caribbean and themes of catastrophe. After completing his masters in Visual Arts from the École cantonale d’art de Lausanne in 2016, he devoted several years to exploring the collective aspects of his artistic practice and reflections by engaging with various independent art spaces in Paris such as la Colonie and Doc! He is co-founder of Happy Baby Gallery in Crissier, and his work has been shown at Allstars Gallery (Lausanne), the Musée cantonal d’art de Lausanne, Sunsworks (Zurich) and Helmaus (Zurich), among others.

Graphic Design : Clio Hadjigeorgiou

Exhibition views : Yul Tomatala

Nou Kontan Wè zot / exposition individuelle de Lucas Erin / 23.02.24 - 23.03.24